How will you contact me if I’ve won a prize?

We contact our winners via phone and email (make sure this is provided). Be sure to save as a safe sender!

When and how will I know if I have won a bike?

Winners are drawn at random on the date specified on the official rules page. All winners are contacted by phone and email.

How are winners drawn?

The sweepstakes administrator will blend all entries and remove anyone who is ineligible after the Sweepstakes has ended. The winner will be chosen from among all eligible entries received using a random generator.

Does Zaffle draw the winners?

Zaffle utilises a trusted third-party administrator (National Sweepstakes Company) to determine winners.

Will someone definitely win the bike?

Yes. There will be a guaranteed winner. For announcement dates, please see the official rules.

What if you don’t sell enough entries?

We guarantee a winner and a minimum donation to the charity regardless of how many donations are received for the sweepstakes.

What are the odds of winning the bike?

The odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received.

What is a potential winner?

Upon completion of the sweepstakes a potential winner is chosen, simply because we're required to complete eligibility checks for legal reasons - if the potential winner fails to meet the checks an alternate winner is chosen.


What’s a Confirmation Code?

When you make a donation, a unique 13-digit Confirmation Code will be provided to you as confirmation. This code may be required for verification purposes if you are determined the winner.

Where can I find my Confirmation Code?

Your Confirmation Code is sent to you via email and on your account on the website.


Why create an account?

Creating an account will allow you to view your purchase details and find your entries. You can also find your entries in your confirmation email. Find out more.

If I’ve entered the draw doesn’t this mean I have an account?

All entrants must create an account in order to receive their draw entries, this allows you to come back and check on your entries anytime. You'll also gain access to exclusive Zaffle perks!


Is Zaffle a charity?

No. Zaffle is an online fundraising platform that supports charities in reaching their fundraising goals.

How is the donation to the charity calculated?

At the end of the campaign the charity receives 50% of the net proceeds of the draw with Zaffle receiving the remaining 50% as our fee. Net proceeds are everything left over after deducting the costs of the prizes and marketing only. In the event that insufficient donations are received to cover the costs of prizes and marketing, Zaffle guarantees the charity will receive a minimum donation and that all prizes will be paid out.

What is a fundraising platform?

We raise funds and awareness for charity by offering world-class prizes in exchange for donations. We harness the power of the internet to crowdfund. We can do this because we’re not a charity, we're a company focused on doing good for others, think of us as the middle-man, the layer of tech that allows facilitates donations for charity whilst providing the opportunity to attain prizes.

Does it cost the charity anything to partner with you?

No. There are zero costs and zero risk.


Is there a limit to how many entries receive from donating?

The maximum number of entries per person is 2000, whether the person enters from donating, the alternate method of entry or a combination of the two entry methods.

I’m not a US citizen. Can I enter?

The Promotion is open to entrants who are at least 18 years of age and permanent legal residents in the United States.


Who are the Lymphoma Research Foundation?

It was 1995 when the founders of the Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF) realized its dual mission: to eradicate lymphoma – by funding innovative research – and serve those touched by this disease – by sharing research and treatment insights directly with the lymphoma community through national education programs and resources. Through lymphoma-specific research grants and consortia, LRF seeks to better understand the more than 100 subtypes of lymphoma and support the development of new treatments. LRF’s focus on supporting early-career scientists ensures the best and brightest remain in the field of lymphoma research so that innovation and progress continue. Simultaneously, LRF works tirelessly to help patients, survivors caregivers, and families understand their diagnosis and ensure they have access to the support and resources they need.

Why not just give your charity partner the prize?

This isn’t just about money, it’s about raising awareness for the work that charities do across the United States. Our goal is to create a community that’s inspired to support our charity partners in new and exciting ways.